Acute gout steroids

I know this post is old but I had to chime in on this post too. I had what’s called a sudo gout attack when just about every joint in my body was attacked and I too wanted to die but I fought the thought for my kid. No one can imagine the pain I felt going through that experience not even my doctors. The team of doctors that treaTed me couldn’t understand what was going on and that I was almost completely paralyzed by the weaked damaged joints with the unbelievable pain. I was a very muscular guy that could bench press over 400 lbs and gout reduced me to not even being able to turn myself over in bed. God’s honest truth.

"May 2016, white male 51 yrs old, first gout attack. I was lifting heavy about 2 weeks ago and I over did red meat, chicken, salmon, two protein shakes per day at 30 grams each, aspirin almost daily and a 5 hour energy drink, junk food in there for good measure. Drink instant coffee excessively daily Did not like to drink water so likely became hydrated as well. I feel I brought this on with my eating habits but blood test came back uric acid which was within normal range. I in total pain and missed 2 weeks of work. Doctor put me on Indomethacin after weeks of Advil, water, cherries, cherry juice, no red meat or alcohol, etc with no relief. Felt relief first hour. Did get a little dizzy but pain is almost gone after 1st pill."

1) Henry VIII: His love of fine food and wine was most likely his undoing
2) Dick Cheney: Was hospitalised for side effects of medications he was taking for a foot ailment
3) Jared Leto: This young actor developed gout after having to pile on the pounds for his role as John Lennon's killer in Chapter 27
4) Ansel Adams: The famous photographer had problems lugging his photography equipment around due to gout
5) Maurice Cheeks: Former NBA player & coach developed gout in his 40's and said he had "never experience pain like it as an athlete" Source: AARP Article

Acute gout steroids

acute gout steroids


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