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Information from the Nurses' Health Study indicated that the combination of estrogen and androgen used to treat hypoandrogenism could increase breast cancer risk. However, other studies indicated androgens may decrease breast cancer risk. Follow-up studies on the Women's Health Initiative found women who received estrogen and no progestogen showed a significant decrease in cardiovascular disease (CVD) and breast cancer. This has caused a reconsideration of androgens added to estrogens. Still, the FDA requires demonstration of CVD and breast cancer safety for any product containing androgens or estrogen plus an androgen; that has not been done.

Great post. Its sad everyone thinks testosterone is a joke (people that are accusers of steroid use) however they don’t realize how important hormones are. im a 23 year old male, have always been ripped, but the last year or so have shown really bad symptoms of what I thought was low T. Turns out my estradiol is 56, normal is 17 to around 35. My life went from perfect to pure HELL and my doctor is more concerned on “why my hormones are out of sync” while I continue to suffer horrible side effects. My libido is gone, amonst other things but my latest concern is EXTREME muscls wasting due to prolonged high aromitization. I don’t just mean loss in size, my forearms literally feel like they have rotted away inside my skin. Its very scary. I’m trying to figure out how I can get my doctors head out of his ass to give me an AI to combat all this estrogen but am having a difficult time. Men need to immediately seek medical help upon any first signs of this, I waited and am now paying very dearly for it. Please brethren DO NOT TAKE EXCESS ESTROGEN as a light issue, you WILL SUFFER!!!!

It is also suggested that there is an interaction between hormone levels and eating at different points in the female menstrual cycle . Research has predicted increased emotional eating during hormonal flux, which is characterized by high progesterone and estradiol levels that occur during the mid- luteal phase . It is hypothesized that these changes occur due to brain changes across the menstrual cycle that are likely a genomic effect of hormones. These effects produce menstrual cycle changes, which result in hormone release leading to behavioral changes, notably binge and emotional eating. These occur especially prominently among women who are genetically vulnerable to binge eating phenotypes. [51]

Anabolic men estrogen

anabolic men estrogen


anabolic men estrogenanabolic men estrogenanabolic men estrogenanabolic men estrogenanabolic men estrogen