East german cuisine

No, binding a sauce with bread. It depends on what kind of bread you use, but it more or less dissolves, and gives you a very nice sauce. And what made me try it actually, was a recipe from Sabine Welserin [Eds: Welserin authored the 16th-century cookbook mentioned above]. In one of her recipes she uses a kind of gingerbread, Lebkuchen, and it connects with the story of Lebkuchen in Germany. There is still a tradition in some eastern parts of Germany and Poland nowadays, where you cook a carp a certain way and you use a special kind of gingerbread to bind the sauce. It sounds weird, but it is very good. It melts completely and it gives you a very nice texture and very good taste. It is actually not so different from doing a classic roux.

East german cuisine

east german cuisine


east german cuisineeast german cuisineeast german cuisineeast german cuisineeast german cuisine