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Richard J. Evans states that at least 85 people were killed and more than 1,000 were arrested. [3] Ian Kershaw also cites the number of deaths at 85. Kershaw notes that "some estimates...put the total number killed at between 150 and 200." [4] William L. Shirer writes in his Rise and Fall of the Third Reich , that " The White Book of the Purge , published by émigrés in Paris claims 401 deaths, but lists only 116 of them. At the 1957 trial in Munich the figure 'more than 1,000' was used." [5] Both of those figures are much higher than the ones most historians of the period rely on, and that Shirer himself was not necessarily citing the figures as accurate, but was simply relaying them in his book. The most recent study on the matter lists by name 89 people who were definitely killed, as well as two other cases of whom it is unclear whether they were murdered during the events or slightly earlier or later. [6]

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Here are what I see as the major differences between Enso HD Hammered Damascus and the Shun Premier :
• Core steel (that forms the cutting edge): Enso uses VG-10 which is respectable and is what Shun used to use in their Classic line. But Shun has now upgraded to VG-MAX alloy (a proprietary name) that should be more wear resistant and tougher than VG-10, yet still hold a very fine edge. Both steels come heat-treated at HRC 61—which is significantly harder (and more brittle) than most Western-made knives.
• Layers: Enso has 17 layers per side, while Shun has 34. This could make the Shun a bit stronger, but 17 layers per side doesn’t strike me as skimping.
• Sharpitude : Both come sharpened at 14-16 degrees which is razor sharp.
• Handle: Enso is made of micarta, a highly compressed composite made of linen and resin. Shun uses pakkawood, a highly compressed wood composite. Both handles should hold up well.
• Feel: I can guarantee you that they will each have a different feel . . but this is something you can adjust to if you choose to, or let it drive you crazy.

East german knives

east german knives


east german kniveseast german kniveseast german kniveseast german kniveseast german knives