East german shepherd breeders

To combat these differences, the Phylax Society was formed in 1891 with the intention of creating standardised development plans for native dog breeds in Germany. [25] The society disbanded after only three years due to ongoing internal conflicts regarding the traits in dogs that the society should promote; [25] some members believed dogs should be bred solely for working purposes, while others believed dogs should be bred also for appearance. [43] While unsuccessful in their goal, the Phylax Society had inspired people to pursue standardising dog breeds independently.

YEY it's Today. TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lookin' forward to seeing lots of gorgeous furchildren & their parents today & making lots of new friends. Registration for show classes opens at 11am. Don't forget we have lots of stands & things for all the family to do. Don't forget to have your pics taken by the wonderful Lebolo Pet Photography & entered into their fabulous competiton!!! Ooh i'm so excited. The furkids this end know something's a paw & are woofing & tail wagging away. Best get them fed & sorted. See you all soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

East german shepherd breeders

east german shepherd breeders


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