Old east german football teams

In 1962, the DDR-Liga was once more divided into two divisions and a year later the 2nd DDR-Liga was abandoned. In 1971 the DDR-Liga was divided into five Divisions, and for that reason was now similar to the Landesliga of the 1940s. The five division champions played a qualification round to determine which clubs would promote to the Oberliga . From 1984 to 1991, the Liga consisted of two divisions again, whose champions were directly promoted to the Oberliga . Below the two DDR-Liga divisions were the fifteen Bezirksligen whose champions had to play a promotional round to determine the six clubs that would move up to the 2nd Division .

The German national football league contains two divisions, the First Bundesliga and the Second Bundesliga. After the reunification of Germany in 1990, a union of the football associations of west and east became reality. So, the First Bundesliga in the 1991/92 season was expanded to 20 teams to integrate the two top clubs from East Germany. The former East German football league was downgraded into a regional division. Presently, the First Bundesliga, usually called just "Bundesliga", consists of 18 teams. Each team plays two games against all the other league rivals during the season, one game at home and one game away.

So when you look at Magdeburg and marvel that the football club that once beat mighty Milan is now in the fourth division, you might as well look at another famous club from that city: SC Magdeburg. A little over 10 years ago, they had one of the best team handball sides not only in Germany but in Europe, and they won the team handball Champions League in 2002. These days, the 10-time GDR champions are no longer competitive at the very top. "The other clubs' budgets went through the roof, patrons appeared on the scene and players' wages rose astronomically," SC Magdeburg's Marc-Henrik Schmedt told Sport Inside. His club just doesn't have that sort of money.

Old east german football teams

old east german football teams


old east german football teamsold east german football teamsold east german football teamsold east german football teamsold east german football teams