Selective non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs

Hello Chris Wallace or SARMSstore comments moderator:
I have some champion Siberian Huskies, they are record holders in pushing and pulling competitions for dogs. I would like to provide them with a boost in strength for their next events. I was going to try LG-4033. I have a couple of 220 lbs huskies and three 132 lbs female huskies. I was going to give the males 10mg and the females 5mg. Does this sound about right. Also, I keep reading about cycling. As I understand cycling as it applies to oral testosterones that is because of the alkyd molecule at the 17a position which caused liver damage but allowed the testosterone to make multiple passes thru the liver.
Since LG-4033 is a SARMS, there is no Alkyd molecule to cause liver dysfunction, correct? Is it really necessary to cycle the SARMS then? I really care about my Huskies and only want the best for them.
These are serious questions and I hope you take the time to respond.
Thanks, Husky Trainer.

For patients with both low GI and CV risks, any non-selective NSAID (ns-NSAID) alone may be acceptable. For those with low GI and high CV risk, naproxen may be preferred because of its potential lower CV risk compared with other ns-NSAIDs or COX-2 selective inhibitors, but celecoxib at the lowest approved dose (200 mg once daily) may be acceptable. In patients with high GI risk, if CV risk is low, a COX-2 selective inhibitor alone or ns-NSAID with a proton pump inhibitor appears to offer similar protection from upper GI events. However, only celecoxib will reduce mucosal harm throughout the entire GI tract. When both GI and CV risks are high, the optimal strategy is to avoid NSAID therapy, if at all possible.

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    Selective non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs

    selective non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs


    selective non steroidal anti inflammatory drugsselective non steroidal anti inflammatory drugsselective non steroidal anti inflammatory drugsselective non steroidal anti inflammatory drugsselective non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs