Turbolinux 12.5

Oracle announced on 24 September 2014 Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux distribution which allows users to control Oracle Linux and Oracle VM through OpenStack in production environments. Based on the OpenStack Icehouse release, [75] Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux distribution is a cloud management software product that provides an enterprise type solution to deploy and manage the IT environment. The product maintains the flexibility of OpenStack, allowing users to deploy different configurations, and to integrate with different software and hardware vendors. Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux is available for free download. There is no licensing cost. It can be downloaded for free from the Oracle web page. Supported OpenStack Services in Version 1 includes Nova, Keystone, Cinder, Glance, Neutron, Horizon and Swift. According to Oracle [76] the support for Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux is included as part of Oracle Premier Support for Oracle Linux, Oracle VM, and Systems. Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux can be downloaded from this site .

32-bit ASE required. Testing was  done on SLES /United Linux (kernel: -113, glibc:  -213). Using Reiserfs filesystem  for database devices is not recommended due to poor performance. Use ext3 filesystem instead. For 32-bit ESD #1 and above  support on SLES /UL . See this <a href="http:///detail?id=1025116"  target="_blank">Technical Document</a> for details. SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) is based on the  United Linux platform. As a result, Adaptive Server certification on SLES  confers implied certification of other Linux distributions based on the  United Linux platform. Linux distributors that participate in the United  Linux consortium include SuSE, Turbolinux,  and Conectiva .

Turbolinux 12.5

turbolinux 12.5


turbolinux 12.5turbolinux 12.5turbolinux 12.5turbolinux 12.5turbolinux 12.5