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Robert…I would swear your message was written by me! I was a 34 year old Critical Care RN, who became disabled as a direct result of Lipitor (you know the wonder drug, savior of the universe). I thought I knew everything there was to know about those drugs, turns out, I knew just enough to get me to continue to push them without question..then as a result of the UCSD Statin Effects Study, I was informed that my statin use was the CAUSE of the holes in my brain, as well as the Peripheral Neuropathy and the Mitochondrial DNA mutations seen under electron microscopy of my brain and muscle biopsies…I love America, and Capitalism, but HATE that it is Controlled by the Almighty Dollar!!! My father who was on a statin drug for years, is now concerned with his memory, hes 72…I had him start EV organic Coconut oil earlier this week…in the hopes it may help…thanks for your article!!

Uni pharma steroids

uni pharma steroids


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