Ventolin contain steroids

Just a quick response, all of those inhalers, puffers, etc., cause me to start shaking immediately. If you have to take it four times a day, that means four times of nervousness, shakiness etc. I have to get used to it, to stop those symptoms. Theopholin (sp?) is the same thing, just ingested, not inhaled. They ALL cause me to get nervous, shake, and have trouble sleeping. I don't have to take the meds all the time, so I start over each time I have to take the meds. I start with one puff, not two, for a few days until I feel that I can handle the two puffs. Caffeine is a very close drug to theophelin? I know the spelling, sorry. IF you have an asthma attack, and don't have any meds to take, they say drink very strong coffee. If your symptoms are similar to drinking too much strong coffee, then you are not allergic, you are reacting to the meds and have to get used to them. Hope that helps.

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Ventolin contain steroids

ventolin contain steroids


ventolin contain steroidsventolin contain steroidsventolin contain steroids