Z-labs dbol

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Ohhh kwabby man iron's an absoloute joke man,I watched some guy put up pic's of Shering/Medipharm was new to juice but he put pic's up of this stuff cos even he noticed they were way scribe was falling off,they were so badly filled and the amp's were so unalike to each were really bad man,he got em from euroking and they may or may not be selling mainly legit I have no do know that Mods and a EK rep fell into the room saying they looked fine and were legit,even saying that Medipharm production was like if Schering/Bayer are just gonna liscense there product out to cowboy's,I know that amp's can be a little off over like that thoughm,I'm actually getting some Egyptian test in a day or two and I'm gonna post em as a marker for people to compare are straight outta a pharm over there and 100% legit,preety good product's over there tbh

Z-labs dbol

z-labs dbol